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Student Opinion: Android phones are a better deal than Apple's iPhones

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When people buy cellphones, they have to make a choice: Apple or Android? For many people, their preferred company is Apple. Ever since the release of the Apple iPhone back in 2007, Apple's business has done incredibly well. However, many manufacturers develop and sell devices that run the Android operating system, a system developed by Google at a lower price than Apple. It makes you wonder whether buying an Apple device is really worth all the money you invest in it.

I think that Apple devices are extremely overpriced, and their new technology and new devices are not advanced or creative.

First, why do I think they are overpriced? The latest phone released by Apple, the iPhone XR, is $750. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the latest released device from Samsung's Note line, is about $720 and uses an Android operating system. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has much better design and functions than the iPhone XR.

Apple's New Phone Designs Are Not Innovative

Apple's new ideas and designs for new phones and applications are not advanced or creative -- they're not innovative. Android's are. One example of this is comparing the different iPhones by Apple to the Galaxy Note devices by Samsung. The ease of use on the iPhone has always been the same. The only difference in Apple devices' ease of use is basically just the size. But, on the Samsung Note series, Samsung introduced a new efficient tool to its device line: The S Pen.

The S Pen is a stylus, a tool that looks like a pen and writes on touch screens. Even though a stylus is not exactly a revolutionary tool for cellular devices, if you think about it, the Samsung Note series The Note 9 had a special screen with a sensor. This means you can use the stylus in mid-air! Apple, meanwhile, still uses its generic iOS operating system. Apple's devices do not have even a fraction of all the features Samsung devices have.

When Apple released the iPhone XR, its stocks continued to dip down outrageously. For Apple, this should be a sign that their consumers, or customers, want better technology. The way I and many others see this is, Apple has two choices: create innovative and helpful technology, or allow its company's stock to fall badly. Now that you have heard my reasons, I hope (if you prefer Apple devices) that I have changed your mind.

Ethan Joseph is a fourth-grade student in Connecticut. He considers himself a technology hobbyist.


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