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The Role of Technology in Substitute Teaching: Tips and Tricks

You never know what kind of classroom environment you will be walking into, and you have to be ready to adapt on the fly. Fortunately, technology can be a valuable tool for substitute teachers to use to make their job easier and more effective. Here are some tips and tricks for using technology as a substitute teacher.

Tip #1: Use Online Resources for Lesson Plans

One of the biggest challenges of substitute teaching is coming up with lesson plans on the spot. However, with the help of the internet, this task can be made much easier. There are many online resources available that provide lesson plans and activities for a wide range of subjects and grade levels. Some popular websites to check out include TeachersPayTeachers, Scholastic, and

Tip #2: Bring Your Own Device

Bringing your own device, such as a laptop or tablet, can be incredibly helpful as a substitute teacher. This allows you to access online resources, take attendance, and communicate with the regular teacher or school staff easily. Plus, if the classroom has a smartboard or projector, you can use your device to display your lesson plans and activities to the class.

Tip #3: Use Classroom Management Apps

Classroom management can be a big challenge for substitute teachers, especially if you are unfamiliar with the students or the school's policies. However, there are many apps available that can help you keep track of attendance, behavior, and communication with students and parents. Some popular apps to check out include ClassDojo, Remind, and Seesaw.

Tip #4: Be Prepared for Tech Issues

As with any technology, there is always the possibility of technical issues arising during class. Be sure to have a backup plan in case the internet goes out or a device malfunctions. This could be as simple as having a printed copy of your lesson plan or bringing a physical activity to do with the students.

Tip #5: Use Technology to Engage Students

Finally, technology can be a great tool for engaging students and making learning more interactive. For example, you could use Kahoot! to create a quiz game based on the lesson material, or have students create digital presentations using Google Slides. Just be sure to check with the regular teacher or school staff beforehand to ensure that any technology you plan to use is approved and available.

Technology can be a valuable tool for substitute teachers to use in the classroom. From finding lesson plans online to using classroom management apps, there are many ways that technology can make your job easier and more effective. So the next time you step into a substitute teaching role, be sure to consider how technology can help you succeed.


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