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Top 10 Elementary Sub Plans That Keep Kids Learning AND Engaged

Top 10 Elementary Sub Plans That Keep Kids Learning AND Engaged Busybee Teachers Substitute and Permanent Teachers

As an educator, creating sub plans that are both educational and engaging can be a challenging task. This article provides a curated list of the top 10 elementary sub plans that are sure to keep your students learning and entertained. Each activity is designed to capture their attention and ensure that their time is well-spent, even when their regular teacher isn't present. From musical exercises to seasonal crafts, these plans are perfect for keeping the classroom atmosphere lively and productive.

Key Takeaways

  • Incorporate creative arts like the 'Sidewalk Chalk Staff' and 'Mindfulness Funky Sun Craft' to foster both creativity and learning.

  • Utilize themed activities such as 'Summer Bucket List Flip Book' and 'Spring Activities' to connect with the current season and students' interests.

  • Engage students with interactive games like 'Giant Game of Rochambeau' to promote physical activity and strategic thinking.

  • Integrate music into the classroom with 'Music Writing Practice Activity' and 'Five Great Songs for Upper Elementary' to enhance auditory learning and maintain high engagement levels.

  • Ensure classroom management and curriculum alignment with strategies and resources that support effective learning even in the absence of the regular teacher.

1. Sidewalk Chalk Staff

As the weather warms up, taking the music class outside offers a refreshing change of scenery and a unique opportunity for learning. Sidewalk Chalk Staff is an innovative way to teach music notation and engage students in a playful yet educational activity. By drawing staff lines on the pavement, students can learn note names, lines, and spaces in a fun, interactive environment.

  • Encourage students to use the chalk to play games like hopscotch or tic-tac-toe with a friend.

  • They might also use the sidewalk as their canvas for cheerful drawings, integrating art with music education.

Whether it's creating a giant Twister board for Music Twister or simply practicing note recognition, the Sidewalk Chalk Staff activity is a versatile tool for any music educator looking to take advantage of the sunny days.

2. Summer Bucket List Flip Book

The Summer Bucket List Flip Book is a creative way to capture your students' excitement for the upcoming summer break. Start by having the students color and decorate the Bucket List Template. Next, they can jot down all the activities and goals they wish to accomplish over the summer. Each student's bucket list can then be cut out and assembled into a delightful flip book.

For older students, the activity can be tailored to be more age-appropriate. They can engage in writing more detailed plans and even share their summer experiences with a postcard when they return to school. This not only keeps the anticipation alive but also encourages reflective writing.

This activity is not only fun but also serves as a wonderful way to practice writing and goal-setting skills. It's a perfect project for the last days of school and a great way to transition into the summer mindset.

3. Mindfulness Funky Sun Craft

As the school year winds down, engaging students in a creative and calming activity can be a delightful way to embrace the approaching summer. The Mindfulness Funky Sun Craft offers a unique opportunity for children to practice mindfulness while expressing their artistic side. Each student receives a sun template, which they personalize with intricate zentangle patterns and vibrant colors, adding playful accessories to give their sun a touch of whimsy.

Incorporating mindfulness into the classroom has been shown to improve focus and emotional regulation among students. Here's a simple list of mindfulness exercises that can complement the Funky Sun Craft session:

  • Count to ten or recite the alphabet slowly

  • Engage in calming music and identify different instruments

  • Observe and list five items in the surrounding

  • Practice gentle stretching or yoga

  • Interact with tactile objects like clay or soft toys

By integrating these practices, educators can create a harmonious balance of learning and well-being on the last day of school.

4. Giant Game of Rochambeau

Top 10 Elementary Sub Plans That Keep Kids Learning AND Engaged Busybee Teachers Substitute and Permanent Teachers

Introduce a giant game of Rochambeau to your class for a fun and engaging activity that requires no preparation. Also known as rock, paper, scissors, this game can be a blast on the last day of school. Start by pairing students to face off in this classic hand game. Winners advance to compete with other winners, while those who don't win join the enthusiastic cheering section. The excitement builds as the class narrows down to the final showdown.

For an extended play, consider making the matches 'best two out of three' to prolong the fun and increase the competitive spirit. This simple tweak can make the game last longer and add an extra layer of excitement.

Busybee Teachers offers resources for substitute teachers and schools, including tips for teaching math, tutoring strategies, and educational career opportunities. Incorporating games like Rochambeau can be a refreshing way to maintain student engagement while also assessing their ability to follow instructions and interact positively with peers.

5. Music Writing Practice Activity

Introducing music writing practice into the classroom can be a delightful way to engage students with the fundamentals of music theory. Utilize free resources to make this activity both fun and educational. For example, rhythm practice cards from Ginny's Music Space are a hit with kids for their vibrant and playful design.

Incorporate activities that encourage students to compose their own melodies using solfege. This not only fosters creativity but also reinforces their understanding of musical notation. Here's a simple step-by-step guide to get started:

  • Begin with a brief explanation of note names, lines, and spaces.

  • Introduce mnemonic devices to help students remember the notes.

  • Provide examples of simple melodies for students to analyze.

  • Encourage them to create their own melodies using solfege symbols.

  • Have students write their compositions on staff paper.

Remember to explore various teaching methods and tools that cater to different learning styles. Busybee Teachers offers a wealth of resources for substitute teachers, schools, and students, including lesson plans and tools that can be seamlessly integrated into your music writing practice activity.

6. Five Great Songs for Upper Elementary

Upper elementary students often fall into the "I don't want to sing" club, making it a challenge to keep them engaged in music activities. However, with the right selection of songs, you can capture their interest and encourage participation. Here are five great songs that have proven to be hits with this age group:

  • Sansa Kroma

  • Little Jack Pumpkin Face

  • I'm Growing Up - Amidons

  • Dynamite Kinder Graduation

  • A Spooky Halloween Tune

Each song offers a unique opportunity to teach musical concepts while keeping the fun alive. Sansa Kroma, for example, is not only catchy but also introduces students to rhythms and cultural diversity.

For substitute teachers looking for engaging content, Busybee Teachers provides a wealth of resources, including activities that can be easily incorporated into lesson plans.

7. End-of-Year Activities

Top 10 Elementary Sub Plans That Keep Kids Learning AND Engaged Busybee Teachers Substitute and Permanent Teachers

As the school year winds down, it's crucial to engage students with activities that encapsulate the year's learning and fun. Complete an End of Year Beach Ball activity to encourage reflection and celebration. Students can fill in prompts such as their favorite memory, a goal they achieved, and what they'll miss next year. This tactile and visual activity not only calms excitement but also fosters a sense of accomplishment and closure.

For a more structured approach, consider organizing a Kodaly classroom session. This method ensures that students continue to learn through play, even as the year ends. It's a perfect way to maintain the educational momentum while transitioning into summer with a joyful spirit.

Busybee Teachers offers resources for teachers in Florida, including lesson plans and tools for substitute teachers. Join the Busybee Club for job opportunities and hiring tips.

8. Spring Activities

As the spring season blossoms, so does the opportunity for creative and engaging classroom activities. Warmer weather invites a variety of outdoor educational experiences that can rejuvenate both students and teachers. Here are a few ideas to incorporate into your lesson plans:

  • Sidewalk Chalk Staff: Transform the playground into a musical canvas where students can draw staff lines and notes, combining art with music theory.

  • Garden Gate Chant: Use rhythmic chants like '2, 4, 6, 8' to teach steady beats and sequencing while enjoying the fresh air.

  • Field Day Music: Plan movement-heavy music activities that are perfect for Field Day, ensuring students are active and having fun.

Remember to explore resources from Busybee Teachers that offer a wealth of tips and tools tailored for substitute teachers across subjects like math, English, and science. Joining the Busybee Club can provide valuable educational career support.

9. Classroom Management Strategies

Effective classroom management is crucial for creating an environment conducive to learning. Don't stress when faced with the challenge; instead, introduce yourself confidently and familiarize yourself with the school's structures and systems. Active monitoring of the classroom is key to maintaining order and ensuring that students remain on task.

Organizing groups efficiently and utilizing teacher tools such as planning resources and student progress monitoring can greatly assist in managing a classroom effectively. Remember to communicate with parents to keep them informed and involved in their child's education.

10. Curriculum-aligned Resources

Top 10 Elementary Sub Plans That Keep Kids Learning AND Engaged Busybee Teachers Substitute and Permanent Teachers

In the quest for effective teaching, curriculum-aligned resources play a pivotal role in keeping students engaged while ensuring the material is relevant to educational standards. These resources range from lesson plans to interactive widgets, all designed to complement the curriculum and enhance learning experiences.

  • Teaching Resource Collections: Explore a variety of themes, topics, and strategies.

  • Teaching Resource Packs: Convenient bundles available for one-click download.

  • Studio: Personalize and create unique teaching materials.

  • Free Resource Library: Access a wealth of resources at no cost.

With a plethora of options available, it's essential to select resources that resonate with your teaching style and meet the needs of your students. From TEACH STARTER platforms to specialized content for subjects like English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science, the right resources can transform your classroom into a dynamic learning environment.

Elevate your educational experience with our '10. Curriculum-aligned Resources' designed to seamlessly integrate into your school's program. Ensure your students have access to the best materials by visiting Busybee Teachers today. Click on the link to explore our comprehensive resources and take the first step towards enhancing your curriculum.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some effective classroom management strategies?

Effective classroom management strategies include establishing clear behavior expectations, creating consistent routines, setting goals and providing feedback, and organizing groups effectively. Incorporating engaging activities and maintaining a positive classroom environment are also key.

How can I keep upper elementary students engaged in learning?

To engage upper elementary students, incorporate activities that are relevant and interesting to them, such as creating a summer bucket list flip book or playing a giant game of Rochambeau. Use music and songs that they enjoy, and ensure that activities are interactive and challenging.

What are some fun end-of-year activities for elementary students?

End-of-year activities can include practicing mindfulness with crafts like the Funky Sun Craft, participating in outdoor activities like Sidewalk Chalk Staff, and reflecting on the year with projects like creating a summer bucket list. These activities should be enjoyable and educational.

Can you suggest activities for elementary students during spring?

Spring activities for elementary students can include outdoor educational games like Sidewalk Chalk Staff, arts and crafts that celebrate the season, and lessons that integrate the changing environment to stimulate curiosity and learning.

What resources can I use to align with my curriculum?

You can use curriculum-aligned resources such as games, worksheets, craft activities, teaching presentations, and task cards. Look for resources that are designed to engage and inspire your class, and that can be integrated over multiple lessons.

How can I effectively plan for a substitute teacher?

To effectively plan for a substitute teacher, prepare a sub tub with detailed lesson plans, activities, and resources that align with your current curriculum. Include clear instructions and any necessary materials to ensure a smooth transition and continued learning in your absence.


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